Motorcycle Storage Insurance: Solution to Protect Unused Motorbike

People love having motorcycle because it gives sense of individuality and freedom, but of course it has its downsides. Besides having specific motorcycle insurance requirement, there are also times when you cannot use it at all, such as during winter. However, during the time when you do not use it, you are understandably still worrying about its condition. For those who experience periods when you cannot ride the motorcycle and have to store it, but want the motorcycle to be protected, you need more specific insurance plan to protect motorcycle that is not being used.

Just because you store the motorcycle, does not mean that you will not face problems. Your motorbike can be stolen, vandalized, or damaged by unexpected situation. Faced with this problem, insurance company offers a special policy called motorcycle storage insurance, which protects a motorcycle that is in a condition of not being used, or if it is being stored for a long time.

How to Get Motorcycle Storage Insurance

While getting motorcycle insurance is definitely something every motorbike owner will think about, some are still confused about the nature of specific coverage for stored motorcycle. The truth is: yes, you will have to pay extra. Also, each insurance company has specific policy details related to every motorbike user’s needs. Therefore, if you know that there will be chances when you are unable to ride the motorbike, make sure to consider this insurance type.

Here are several common ways to get storage insurance for motorcycle that you do not use during the winter or certain long period:

  • Choose only comprehensive coverage during the period of not using the motorcycle. Comprehensive protects your motorbike from thefts, vandal, and other damages that come from anything but riding the motorcycle yourself. Reducing your protection during winter months is a great way to reduce the amount you must pay during the time when your motorbike just sits around. However, not all insurance companies offer this option, so you still must shop around.
  • What if you think you will have to ride again some times during the inactive period? Or what if your insurance company requires full motorcycle insurance coverage all year round? Choose to lower the liability and raise the deductible instead during the inactive period. Even if your deductible is raised, you still get lower policy price, especially since inactive period makes the risk that can befall your motorcycle is greatly reduced.
  • If you only have liability coverage for your motorbike even during the time when you riding it often, you can simply cancel the policy during winter or long period when you are not using it. However, you still need to keep an eye of your motorbike, and be more cautious even when you are going to park it.

While these options are very common for motorcycle storage insurance, you still need to be a cautious rider and owner in order to keep your insurance spending low and to reduce risks.

How to Reduce Risks during Storage Period

Storing motorcycle is something that looks simple but often overlook, simply because people often think that stored motorbike will be okay. Here are some ways to store it properly and safely:

  • Keep the motorbike covered with its tarp securely, and put the motorbike in position where it stands upright in stable position.
  • Make sure the storage is clean, or at least neat. Do not let high piles of heavy objects stacked closely to your bike, and do not let any puddle, oil or dirty substance be near the motorbike without being cleaned.
  • If there is rain, make sure that there is no leaked part on the ceiling, especially right above the motorbike. Also, make sure the ceiling part is strong so it will not crumble and fall onto your motorbike.
  • Make sure you pay attention to infestation problem; do not let rats roam close to the area where you put the motorbike.
  • Check the motorbike regularly for the best condition; also, make sure that there are no small animals burrowing in between small slots, creeks and spots. There were cases where spiders nestle in small parts in the motorbike.
  • Install alarm and other safety equipments in the storage place or garage; besides keeping your motorbike safe, this is also good for your motorcycle insurance premium.

Keeping your motorbike safe is important, but extra protection is required for motorcycle to help you with the worst scenarios, including motorcycle storage insurance when you need to store it for a long time without riding it.